May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Life with Famous Moms

On Mother's Day I decided to share the selection of portraits of famous (or not) moms with their kids that offered. Not only because I love the vintage touch of these pictures, but also because despite the fame and the riches these persons may had, the pictures of this gallery could be seen as true daily moments of moms with their kids.
Don't forget to give a huge hug to your mom today!

"Whether rich or famous (or neither); whether strange or perfectly, unpretentiously, refreshingly normal, moms deserve recognition simply because, after all — as all of us will readily admit in our more brutally honest moments — moms rule the world. And while devoting one measly day a year to celebrating and honoring mothers everywhere might be a rather feeble way to express our gratitude and love, not to worry. They’re moms. They understand." Read more:

Jackie Kennedy reads to her daughter, Caroline, in Hyannis Port, Mass., in 1960

Elizabeth Taylor on the set of Cleopatra with her daughter, Elizabeth Frances, in Rome in 1962
Elizabeth Taylor and her mother, Sara, in 1948
Shirley MacLaine and her daughter, Sachi Parker, in 1959

Judy Garland holds her daughter, Liza Minnelli, at home in Hollywood in 1946

Burlesque star Gypsy Rose Lee holds her 4-year-old son, Erik Lee Kirkland, 1949

Ingrid Bergman and her daughter, Pia Lindstrom, in 1959
Sophia Loren with her son, Carlo Ponti, Jr., in 1969
Sophia Loren (right) poses with her mother (center) and her sister, Maria, in 1957

Shirley Temple with her daughter, Lori, in Atherton, California,1957
Joan Crawford and two of her children, Christina and Christopher,
 on the beach, Monterey, California, 1945

Zsa Zsa Gabor and her daughter, Francesca, at home in Bel Air, 1951

Mrs. Robert F. Kennedy with her children, 1961
Nancy Reagan and her son, Ron Jr., in Pacific Palisades, California, in 1965
Natalie Wood and her mother at home, 1945
Peggy Lee gets a goodnight kiss from her 4-year-old daughter Nicki, 1948

Jane Fonda and her daughter, Vanessa, in California, 1971
Mia Farrow reads to her children on Martha's Vineyard in 1974

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