Feb 17, 2013

1950's Kitchens

The Post War America was ready for change and the 1950's were about change. It was a new era in decorating. New color schemes, new materials and gadgets were all incorporated into the design world of the 50's. 

This is a collection featuring kitchens from the '50s.
What I like most of the kitchens from that era is the pastel colors, the round shaped objects and the printed windows curtains. Almost all women were stay-at-home mothers or homemakers, so they proclaimed the kitchen as their domain and it showed in the decor of the times. 
Let's take a look...

[via] "Everything in the kitchen was in a convenient and organized location. There was even a washer and dryer in most kitchens because at the time, there was the assumption that a mother would need to do laundry while she was cooking or cleaning. There was also usually an eat-in bar area or small kitchen table in most kitchens so that women could easily feed their families without having to move out of the kitchen."

"Although only 4% of the population had them by the end of the 1950s, dishwashers were developed so that women could spend less time washing dishes, and more time with family. The dishwashers were not normally placed on the floor either, like they are today. Most dishwashers were installed high enough off the floor so that one would not have to bend down far to take dishes in and out of it. “Roto-tray automatic” dishwashers were also created for cleaner and more convenient washing."

"Television sets also became more popular in kitchens as the percentage of Americans with televisions rose from 20% in 1950 to 88% in 1960. Refrigerators changed in the 1950s as well. Although some families stuck with the smaller refrigerators, advertisements for larger refrigerators like the foodarama became more prevalent. Another appliance that improved was the range. Electric ranges developed into gas ranges for faster cooking."

"Another interesting feature of the 1950s kitchen was its overall look and appeal. In the beginning of the 1950s, kitchens were brightly colored. Some were green and yellow, some blue and green, and some were even pink! Not only were the walls or cabinets, and sometimes the floors brightly painted, some of the kitchen appliances also varied in colors. Even the 1950s dining chairs were splashed with color. The chairs tended to be tulip chairs, although some people had booths at their dining tables. Lots of cabinet space was another feature in the 1950s kitchen. Some families began to add drawers into their cabinets to add more space. Colorful single-basin sinks were a popular item in the 1950s kitchen, as well. Not until the late ‘50s did kitchens begin to have double-basin sinks. "

If you want to re-design your kitchen and add the retro feel, pick a pastel color (such as pink, yellow, blue, turquoise) and add retro style housewares and countertop accessories. 
To get inspired here are some 50's style kitchens.

Rachel Ray’s TV show kitchen
Big Chill's Kitchen 


I love checkerboard floors!

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Source : HouseBeautiful
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