Oct 22, 2011

Art by Pamela Enriquez

I adore the Mexican artist Pamela Enriquez, her paintings are done on wood and I find them gorgeous.
I find more inspirational her skeleton paintings. As she mentions on her website
"El Dia de Los Muertos is a theme that I often use in my art.  The Day of the Dead is an ancient celebration that has a universal theme, To Remember.   My  muertos characters  are always  laughing.  They have returned back to earth for a brief time to be with their loved ones.  They put on fancy clothes.  They love and they laugh.  They often come back with their beloved pets to share the world with the living, if only for a few days. "

Enjoy some of them below!

All photos are taken from Pamela Enriquez Facebook Page
Paintings owned to the artist and are signed by her.
Website:  http://site.pamelaenriquezcourts.com/

Oct 19, 2011

Pin Up Girls - Before&After

I love pin-up girls. And I love also pin-up artists. I really appreciate their work, which is as realistic as it needs to be and full of great details. 
Women who posed for pictures and artists who got the inspiration and edited these photographs using only pencils and paintbrushes, made the famous pin-up girls occupying a unique position in pop culture
Enjoy !! 

Visit Gil Elvgren website, one of the greatest pin-up artists of all times.
Take a look at the work of Alberto Vargas
See Art Frahm work and many other artists'.

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