Nov 6, 2011

Robert Mapplethorpe Photography

Robert Mapplethorpe was known from the erotic and sometimes pornographic photographs, during the decades of 70 and 80, and by his bizarre life. The genius American photographer, a photographer-symbol of underground art scene, regarded as one of the most important and provocative photographers of his time.

Mapplethorpe took photos of celebrities of avant-garde and bourgeois life, but also anonymous and porn stars. His themes are bold, with images of violence and sadomasochism, and at the same time, full of emotion and expressiveness. I think his work is an ode to perfection and beauty of the human body and of the nature, without a try of  beautifying. 
Totally honest. So powerful. So inspirational.

Self Portrait, 1973
Self Portrait, 1973
Untitled, c. 1974
Dancer, 1974
Self Portrait, 1975
Rosie, 1976
Mapplethorpe & Smith
Marianne Faithfull, 1976
Patti Smith, 1978

Patti Smith, 1978 
Cock and Jeans,1978 

Carol Overby, 1979
Self Portait, 1980
Alistair Butler, 1980 

Man in Polyester Suit (ZC9) 1980

Lisa Lyon, 1980 
Tit Profile, 1980 

Dennis Speight, 1980
Iggy Pop, 1981

Jennifer Jakobson, 1981
Benno Premsela, 1981  
Lisa Lyon, 1981
Embrace, 1982
Feet (Marty Gibson), 1982 
Lisa Lyon, 1982 
Lisa Lyon, 1982 
Lisa Lyon, 1982 

                                                       Marty and Veronica, 1982

           Marty and Veronica, 1982

Television, 1982
Barry, 1983

Chest, 1983 

Dennis with flowers, 1983 
Michael Spencer, 1983
Skull and Crossbones, 1983 
Ken Moody and Robert Sherman, 1984

Two Tulips, 1984 
Two Men Dancing, 1984
White Gauze, 1984
Derrick Cross, 1985
Ken and Tyler, 1985
Ken, Lydia and Tyler, 1985
Orchid, 1985
Self Portrait, 1985
Andy Warhol (Leather Jacket), 1986 
Thomas and Striped Dress,1986
Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis, 1987

Thomas and Amos, 1987 
Neck/Livingston, 1988
Sonia and Tracy, 1988
Double Jack in the Pulpit, 1988

' Beauty will save the World ' 
Fyodor  Dostoyevsky

Photos and info taken by Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation Website

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