Mar 31, 2013

Mad Men is Back

A little more than a week away for the premiere of MADMEN season 6 and we have nothing more from the creators than a dozen of promotional pics and promo teaser trailers. The next chapter is a very well kept secret.

The themes for the Season 6 are hinted at in the promotional poster, a picture taken straight from the '60s, designed by hand by the great English illustrator Brian Sanders.

Mad Men's Emmy winner creator Matthew Weiner says about "What you really see on the poster ... is that you do repeat things in life. [It's about] coming back to a place where things are not so great, and starting to realize that maybe you are the problem. [There is] anxiety that is created by all of these characters wondering why they are the way they are. Maybe you're a fraud. Maybe you're facing all the bad things you've ever done in your life. But you are back in a place where you are the issue. In the first episode when someone says, 'People will do anything to alleviate their anxiety,' that's what this season is about."

The only element for the new season we got is a few photos from a filming that was in Hawai : Don Draper and his young wife, Megan, on the beach with cocktails and a book: the "Inferno" of Dante, translated by John Ciardi, which released the first time in paperback in 1964. 

But for now we'll limit ourselves in the pictures and will wait a few more days till we'll see again the intro that signifies that MADMEN is back in our lives.

And according to  E-news it will be worth the wait: "Here are five things you can expect to see: a wedding, two deaths, Megan rocking several colorful bikinis, a dramatic physical transformation from Betty and one character dropping an F-bomb (is that even allowed on AMC?!). As for the finale's big question—did Don cheat on Megan?—let's just say that will no longer be a question by the end of the two-hour premiere."

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