Jan 5, 2013

★❋ Happy New 2013 ❋★

Two Thousand Thirteen is finally here!
The past few months have been really busy, so the last days of 2012 I grab the opportunity to rest and spend more time with people I love.
This is what we need most, a circle of people we love, between whom we feel safe and strong
And then there would be nothing that we cannot do or try. 
And I am going to keep pushing and moving forward this year.
I wish the best for each of you in this lovely planet, and let all remember to care more for our people: call them more often, hug them tight in every chance, dance with them at the sunset, give them flowers, travel together, send them a stupid postcard, make them laugh, show them love. Love is free. Love is all we need. 
Happy New Year! 

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