Jun 6, 2011

Stanley Kubrick Photography

Before he turned to film, Stanley Kubrick, was a passionate photographer.
started when he recieved a Graflex camera from his father.  
''When he was just 16 and in high school, Kubrick shot a photograph of a news vendor the day after President Franklin D. Roosevelt died and submitted it to Look magazine. Look printed the photo and soon hired him as a freelance photographer.'' (Source: Official Warner Brothers biography.)
The formal visual style and meticulous attention to detail in the films of the director might be the result of his techniques in photography and of his  “photographer’s eye.”
Many early [1945–50] photographs by Kubrick have been published in the book Drama and Shadows , 2005, Phaidon Press. 

Here is a small photography selection of a true genius :

Stanley Kubrick, Selfportrait

A tale of a shoe-shine boy, 1947
Personalities of the circus, 1948 

Portugal, 1948

Myths of a Paddy Wagon, 1948
Montgomery Clift

On an 1949 assignment for "Look" magazine, young Stanley Kubrick photographs showgirl Rosemary Williams, 1949

State Street, Chicago, 1949

Young girl half length portrait, Chicago, 1949

Lingerie model smoking in an office, Chicago, 1949 
Untitled, 1950

To find out more about Kubrick's photography check out these :

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